WC Quote Inquiry & Management Demo

If you reach here from codecanyon.com, please remove envatomarket frame (black bar on top of the page) before testing the plugin. Otherwise WooCommerce will not work.

Demo Details

Plugin (v1.2) is enabled with default settings (listed below) for both types, registered and guest, of customers:

  • Hide Price is turned on with “Price is hidden” as price replacement text.
  • Checkout access is revoked.
  • The text of “Add to cart” is changed to “Add to quote”.
  • Coupon input and fees, applied coupon, tax, shipping cost/calculator sections of Cart Totals are hidden.
  • Quote inquiry is enabled .
  • Clearing of cart on quote inquiry submission is turned off.
  • Quote inquiry acknowledgement email is enabled.
  • Quote form created with Gravity Forms is set for guest customers while quote form created with Contact Form 7 is set for registered customers. (By default, no quote form is set for both types of customers)
  • quote35@yopmail.com” is set as recipient of the email sent by Contact Form 7 and Gravity Forms on quote form submission. You can visit yopmail.com and see the received emails by opening the Inbox of “quote35”. (yopmail.com is free email service that provides disposable email addresses).

Please use “shop” (without quotes) as user name and password for back-end access.

Currently, editing of settings is not mutually exclusive in this demo. So, if you find something is not working as per settings, please check the settings page to see the latest configuration.